Muyumbu Coffee Station

Nestled on a luscious and fertile green hillside in Rwanda's Eastern Province, Muyumbu washing station is perfectly situated for coffee production 

In Rwanda, we currently work alongside the 'Shema' Muyumbu Washing Station. the Eastern Province, approximately 35Km east of the capital city Kigali. In spite of some neglect in recent years, the washing station has real potential - the community and farmers were ready for new challenges.

Our partnership and above market rates for the ripest coffee cherries, ensures farmers and affiliate co-operatives in the area can increase their income at the same time as improving quality.

Contrary to widespread industry practice, we don’t believe in a world where coffee growers should be forced to accept unfairly low prices for all the heart and soul they put into growing and nurturing the coffee we all love so much.

Our mission is to have a truly tangible and long lasting impact in communities by supporting them to raise the quality and value of coffee grown and through peace building and sustainable livelihoods initiatives. 

Patricie Mukakarangwa at Muyumbu Washing station on the first day of harvest

Five Pillars To Our Mission

International Markets

Secure stable and growing international markets for supply of wholesale and retail coffee products - attracting higher rate for green coffee, the benefit from which can be passed back through the value-chain.

Specialty Coffee

Make strategic interventions and investments with coffee farmers to elevate quality of coffee to specialty grade utilising an incentive-develop-reward programme to provide farmers an opportunity to earn above market rates on delivery of specialty grade coffee cherries.

"You can't learn peace on an empty stomach"

Alain Lazaret, Aegis Representative, CAR


100% openness throughout the value chain from crop to cup. Monitor, evaluate and quantify the impact which each intervention has – socially, economically, and environmentally.

Sustainable Livelihoods

Combine interventions from agronomy and coffee experts, with nutrition and humanitarian programmes to empower healthy communities, resilient to conflict and the impact of climate change.


We will scale opportunities when it is right and possible to do so and pursue partnerships areas and new communities to partner with this programme in production of specialty grade coffee.

If you are interested in financially supporting Good Human or learning more about social impact investment, please visit the link below.  

Good Human Value Chain

Below is a breakdown of the value chain for 2021 and 2022 showing the costs at various stages of the green coffee journey from cherry to landed in the UK



Ex-works, financing and spot management costs

Import Costs

Community Development + Investment

Muyumbu Washing Station

Export Costs

Dry Mill Costs

Wet Mill Costs

Farmers Profit

Production Cost










Ex-works, financing and spot management costs

Import Costs

Community Development + Investment

Good Human

Export Costs

Dry Mill Costs

Wet Mill Costs

Farmers Profit

Production Cost










Total Ex Works 2021

Total FOB avg 2021

Farmgate Price 2021




Total Ex Works 2022

Total FOB avg 2022

Farmgate Price 2022





RWf/USD exchange rate of 1000Rwf/USD at time of calculation

Cost of production 2022 is forecast while awaiting end of season data. 

Anticipated 20% increase in cost of production, hence 2022 cost vs 2021

Early indications show that since Good Human became involved, farmers were able to earn around three times as much as the earned in the previous year, after cost of production is covered, which is a fantastic achievement. Of course a part of this has been precipitated by the rising world coffee prices which saw a record 410Rwf / Kg being set by NAEB agriculture board in Rwanda. However, notwithstanding this, there is a significant improvement in earnings for farmers.

Good Human has agreed with farmers to at least pay the same rate again next year even if the market price should fall, allowing communities to invest in their production with the knowledge that they will earn at least the same again regardless of the world market in 2023.

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