Good Human - Muyumbu Specialty Coffee
from $13.00
Good Human is a coffee company like no other. Working to change the industry & bring you incredible coffee, packed with purpose. This coffee is from our very own Muyumbu coffee washing station, located in the Rwamagana District in the east of Rwanda. The distinct micro-climate of this region, optimal elevation and rich fertile soils produce coffee with balanced, sweet, floral, and fruit-forward notes. Flavour Profile: Caramel, Sweet Cherry, CocoaProducer: Muyumbu Washing StationOrigin: Rwamagana, East RwandaProcess: Fully WashedElevation: 1600 - 1800 maslVarietal: Arabica Blue Bourbon A true story of 'crop to cup', Good Human and The Aegis Trust, have sought out a handful of hard working coffee communities in Rwanda, helping them to earn more for their crop. We absolutely love the way Abakundakawa takes care of their farmers and employees and they produce amazing coffee as a result - hence why we chose to bring you this limited edition offering. We do this by helping them improve the quality of their coffee, which in turn attracts a higher sale price at harvest. The Aegis Trust are a long established NGO, who run a peace and values education programme in Rwanda. By improving farmer income, alongside peace and values education, we can establish a stable, sustainable and peaceful future for these communities. All profits made by Good Human are reinvested in our coffee growing communities and helping Aegis to fulfil its important mission.  Thank you for choosing to support this special project and the very special people of Rwanda! Your daily coffee can truly have an impact on the ground. Hobe, hobe, hobe & thank you, as they say in Rwanda! Please note coffee is roasted fresh to order to ensure the highest quality when your order arrives. Therefore at times there may be a small processing time of up to 2 working days before shipping.
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